Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009-06-29 12:30PM GMT (at Heathrow)

Arrived in London about an hour ago. Great flight. Heathrow is the nicest airport. Its more like a mall than a terminal. There are luxury stores everywhere and the cheapest souvenirs cost a fortune. Its also amazing that its so environmentally friendly here. Seems like the US is the only place that doesn't care about the environment. It also took us about 3 hours to find a sign that said Heathrow to take a picture with.

Next flight in about two hours. See you in ROME.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, 2009

Three days until graduation. I remember back in the day when I looked at middle school students or high school students and I was impressed by how old they are, or how smart they are. It seems so strange that I’m beyond that now. I wonder how I would look at myself now if I were still that age. I remember when middle school teachers tried making high school sound so daunting. But now, I’ve made it through all that. And amongst all of the tough times with workload, friend drama, and other personal issues, I came out standing. In three days, I’m going to be walking to get my diploma. While for the most part it does not seem like a huge accomplishment because it has always been expected of me, it is a huge step towards greater achievements. Or at least that’s how it’s planned to be, though things don’t always go according to plan. We’ll see how things turn out.

For four years, I’ve been dying to get out of this school. It seems that the moment the euphoria of “whoaa I’m a high school student now” died off, it’s been a countdown to these next few days. But now, I have this sense of attachment. I want to keep these memories. I want to take this with me wherever I go in the future. Surprisingly, I’m going to miss all the late nights “studying” (a.k.a. late night conversations about anything but the material on the test), the countless study groups at BN, and even doing homework during class switches. I think that high school has turned me into a pretty good person. There are some social aspects I should probably work on, but that’s besides the point. High school has proved to me that for the most part, working hard does yield its results. I’m not lucky enough to be one of those people who simply “rock at life” and do not need to do anything to get everything, so I’ll just have to put my head down and out work others. Yes, I would much rather be out chilling with friends rather than studying for a test or writing an essay, but the potential of a good end result makes me realize that it is worth it. For example, while my friends were out  to the movies or bowling or bumming, I spent that time writing scholarship essays. I won several thousands of dollars. My friends, who had laughed at me for staying at home to write essays, did not. Also, I was able to make  up for lost times bumming later on for the most part. Things like that drive me to work harder and achieve more. This is the attitude I’m going to go into BC with and hopefully I come out even stronger.


It’s been…a month?…since I last posted. Way too much has gone on since then. So here are some highlights.

Tennis: the team finishes the season with an indescribably pathetic record of 2-15. Why is this so ridiculous? Each individual position had at least five or six wins. How we accomplished that kind of a team record is pretty epic. Anyway. I had fun this season. It was weird being the senior leaving the team. I’m going to miss it an insane amount. I was the four year veteran. It felt practically like it was my team. I was a leader and I hope that I did my job of making people play hard every match no matter the circumstances. It’s always worth a try. Perhaps next year I’ll play intramural at BC. Who knows if I’ll make the team, but why not give it a try. By the way, the boys tennis team throws the best banquet of any sports team. Cluck-U at Smith Field. It’s a tradition. $95 worth of spicy chicken, cheese and gravy fries, and onion rings. Top that with a good game of whiffleball, basketball, and danger.

Classes: The last month of classes were such a joke. I’m pretty sure I slept through the majority of Berk’s classes. Yes, I love math. But do I honestly need to know so much calculus that we’re not allowed a few days off from learning every once in a while? …Physics was nice and relaxing, but probably just to me. Just like in calc, I slept through most of it. I felt bad for Doc. We were such a disrespectful class as a whole but hopefully that last month of her class didn’t completely destroy her view of me. …One class that I’m glad I’m done with: stat. It wasn’t so much the topic. It was an easy topic because for the most part it was just bs that someone made up. Babcock just got on my nerves. I couldn’t stand her anymore. Although, after taking the finals, I realized that she was the only teacher that fully prepared me for the AP test and the final. I guess being a successful teacher pays the price of not being liked. …French class. AP French. Now this is a class that I’m never going to forget. Get this: I had an average of ZERO. Epic. No other way to describe it. …Anyway, I’m glad that it’s all over. I will never take a high school course again. Success.

Skipping school for Six Flags: Broke my perfect attendance. Was it worth it? I’m not sure. It was a crazy fun day. But there’s always going to be some regret tied into it.

NHS Induction: It was nice. It was like a preview of graduation. Lots of pictures of the graduates in gowns. Good stuff.

Prom: You know how every girl starts planning their wedding when they’re five? Prom is almost like that. I can’t speak for others, but some part of me always told me that if I make it through high school, prom is going to be at the end of it. So essentially, I really looked forward to prom. The whole four months prior to the prom was a mess. I went from originally planning on going to Cape Cod to eventually going down the shore. That was a terrible situation and I felt horrible about it. No regrets though. No friendships hurt. Everyone had a good time. It turned out well for everyone. So I guess I’ll work backwards here. Post prom was very interesting to say the least. I’m never going to forget that epic hole we dug or the sober room. One of the greatest moments was when I was about to take my boxers off to go in the shower, the bathroom door bursts open and brown people come charging in. Drunk people are just too amusing, albeit it wasn’t a great experience having to see my friends drunk or on drugs, but I think I’ve learned to disregard it. They enjoy what they do, so they do it. I want no part of it, so I’ll just ignore it. It’s not my call what they do or don’t do. It would have been nice to have a clean house that didn’t smell like beer and smoke, but like I said before, no regrets. I had a great time and I’m glad I went down the shore. So now to the prom itself. It’s still hard to believe that it’s over. It wasn’t quite as huge as it was made out to be, still great nevertheless. I really wish that I danced or was more of a partier type of person. It would make these events so much easier. My favorite part of prom night was definitely pictures. I’m glad that I had a hot date. Even though I didn’t exactly dance with Jackie besides the few slow dances, it was nice going with her since I’ve spent the past four years thirsting over her. Basically just a good way to close it out. I can’t end a post about senior prom without some pictures.

 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 064 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 107 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 122 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 082 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 047 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 056 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 063 2009-06-04 Senior Prom 067

Yeah, that was a good day and weekend. Not going to forget it. Just thinking back on it now makes me want to relive that weekend again. And it’s only been two weeks.

Last every calc study group: BN. Me. X. Dips. Naturally we end up taking pictures.  2009-06-19 Senior Year 042 2009-06-19 Senior Year 043 2009-06-19 Senior Year 037

All the other odds and ends made this month an eventful one. There was almost always a place to be. I like life that way. Keeps me busy.

May – June, 2009. Good month.


My schedule for this next week is ridiculous. I was looking at my calendar and I was trying to plan what times I’m going to dedicate to sleeping. Hopefully depriving myself of sleep will be worth it. I’m sure this is going to be an unforgettable week.

And then…

One week from today, I’ll be in ITALY. Jesus that’s insane. Italy. Fourteen days. It’s gonna be legen – wait for it – dary. Legendary.


There’s so much to look back on and reminisce. But there’s just as much if not more to look forward to.

I think I’m ready to do this. See you on the other side, Class of ‘09.