Tuesday, March 15, 2011


All my interviewing and applying for jobs and scholarships and whatnot has made me such an expert bullshitter. It’s quite useful…

Kim Kao: so im writing an essay to apply for a scholarship
Kim Kao: for studying abroad
Kim Kao: and i have to write why im applying fo rth efunds
Kim Kao: and idk what to write
Kim Kao: likee
Kim Kao: uh...i want $$
Kim Kao: should i mention how my brother studied abroad
Kim Kao: so it would help my parents financially?
Kim Kao: ;x
Vincent: probably not
Kim Kao: guh
Kim Kao: idk waht else to sayyyyyyy
Vincent: having the additional funding will allow you to take greater advantage of your experience there. it opens up the opportunity to explore the country more and, in doing so, allows you to be more assimilated into the culture and gain a better understanding of the people.
Kim Kao: you. are. aewsome.
Vincent: LOL
Vincent: (clearly i've done a few too many applications like this)

Kim Kao: i totally just copied that
Kim Kao: :P
Vincent: hahaha
Vincent: you didn't even elaborate on it?
Kim Kao: NOPE
Kim Kao: sounds perfect to me :D

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